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SNC's Space capabilities encompass high performance, innovative components and systems that are changing how we reach, explore, and utilize space. Our capabilities range from spacecraft actuators that power the Mars rovers, to hybrid rocket technologies that powered the first commercial astronaut to space, and from microsatellites controlled by the Internet to Dream Chaser®, a winged and piloted orbital commercial spacecraft. SNC's Space Systems products innovate, enable and perform.  

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Spacecraft Systems

The Spacecraft Systems capability provides small satellites to meet commercial, civil, and military mission requirements using common bus structures and components that are rapidly customized as needed for different mission applications.


Spacecraft Systems

Propulsion Systems

The Propulsion Systems capability offers safe, green, reliable and low-cost propulsion solutions for space vehicles, satellites and small to medium launch vehicle propulsion systems.

Space Exploration Systems

The Space Exploration Systems capability is leading an effort to create a low-cost, safe commercial crew transportation service to and from low Earth orbit, including the International Space Station (ISS).

Space Technologies

The Space Technologies capability supplies critical components to such important national security programs as Advanced EHF, Mobile User Objective System, Space-Based InfraRed System, and commercial imagery systems (GeoEye, Ikonos, Worldview).

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