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Business Area: Electronic Warfare / Range (EWR)

Overview: The EWR Business Area specializes in cutting edge Electronic Warfare (EW) and Range Instrumentation (RI) solutions.


EWR CrewOur EW products are currently in service supporting of U.S. Military contingencies worldwide while protecting the Homeland, specifically first responders, against Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED). Our software definable EW systems support man portable (backpack), vehicular, fixed site, and airborne applications. Our EW family of systems includes Electronic Attack (EA) and Electronic Support (ES) systems providing threat signal identification, and monitoring capabilities supporting intelligence and threat neutralization mission objectives. Collectively the SNC EW architecture provides a solid foundation for future growth supporting networked, light weight and industry leading Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) EW solutions.

EWR range instrumentation products were developed to support U.S. Army Operational and Developmental Testing (OT/DT), with threat accredited synthetic jammers and rugged tactical communication Local Area Network (LAN), radio, and network analyzers and data collectors.  Force-on-Force (FOF) and Force-on-Target (FOT) range instrumentation solutions currently support multiple applications.


EWR core capabilities include System Engineering (SE), Radio Frequency (RF) engineering, digital design, hardware integration design and development, software design and development, Information Assurance (IA) engineering, research, production, support, sustainment and new equipment training.



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