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For more information on SNC, capabilities, products, services, programs or Business Areas please contact us at:

Sierra Nevada Corporation
444 Salomon Circle
Sparks, NV 89434
Phone: 775-331-0222
Fax: 775-331-0370
Email: General Information

Business Areas
To contact one of our Business Areas please click the appropriate link below:
Email: Space Systems (SS)
Email: Communication, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM)
Email: Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)
Email: Command, Control, Computers, Communications and Networks (C4N)
Email: Integrated Mission Systems (IMS)
Email: Information & Sensor Solutions (ISS)
Email: Electronic Warfare / Range (EWR)

Career Opportunities
For more information on SNC career opportunities, please click the link below:
Email: SNC Recruiting

SNC Procurement
For more information on becoming a supplier to SNC, please click the link below:
Email: SNC Procurement

Straight Flight, Inc. (A Wholly-Owned SNC Subsidiary)
13251 E Control Tower RD
Englewood, CO 80112
Local: 303-799-8906
Toll Free: 877-300-9164
Fax: 303-799-0634
Email: Straight Flight

SpaceDev, Inc. (A Wholly-Owned SNC Subsidiary) (Two Divisions)
(California Division)
13855 Stowe Drive
Poway, CA 92064
Local: 858-375-2000
Toll Free: 877-375-1004
Fax: 858-375-1000

(Colorado Division)
1722 Boxelder Street
Suite 102
Louisville, CO 80027
Local: 303-530-1925
Toll Free: 888-530-1926
Fax: 303-530-2401
Email: SpaceDev, Inc.

MicroSat Systems, Inc. (A Wholly-Owned SNC Subsidiary)
1722 Boxelder Street
Suite 102
Local: 303-530-1925
Toll Free: 888-530-1926
Fax: 303-530-2401
Email: MicroSat Systems. Inc.

3S Engineering and 3S Certification (A Wholly-Owned SNC Subsidiary)
8200 E. 34th Street North
Suite 1207
Wichita  KS  67226
Phone: 316-0260-2258

Webmaster Inquiries
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