SNC News & Press Releases

Oct 01, 2003
Acquisition of Inter-4 by Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)

Sep 01, 2003
SNC Receives Award at 40th Annual Association of Old Crows (AOC) International Symposium and Convention

Jul 18, 2003
SNC Awarded Contract for Global Hawk Landing System

Jul 03, 2003
Spectral Systems Inc. Chosen to Take the Next Step in Digital Receiver Encoding and Processing

Jun 25, 2003
SNC Subsidiary SSI Completes Integration and Initial Testing of a Multi-Channel Wideband Digital Receiver

Jun 06, 2003
DoD Recognizes SNC for Outstanding Service and Continuing Support to the National Defense

Jun 03, 2003
Acquisition of Turtle Mountain Communications (TMC), Inc. by Sierra Nevada Corporation Inc.

Apr 22, 2003
SNC Attends FiestaCrow 2003